BRAIN, are they realy all the same?

Hello there,

Weeks fly by in those coronatimes and yes, it has really become a habit to live quietly and without any pressure. Planning and doing things where I didn’t have time before so for me it’s a win-win. Enjoy my daily walks and place my goals in a row.

I read books and I heard some inspiring people like the opinions of Dr. Roy Martina. During the Covid-19 in China he coached many Chinese students to go through this period. Mindfood, yes indeed and knowledge is power. If you read my first blog I said in my you tube message, be aware. It is very easy to say to people, be aware in what you do or how you react. Many people react from the subconscious.

You can compare the corona times with planting seeds in our consciousness. Everything happens multi-dimensional. It happens at different levels: through social media, with friends, family, company, school, …

Covid-19 counts three levels

1) BC: Before Covid – 19:

Five weeks ago we were all living a normal, innocent life in freedom with their ups and downs but in our comfortzone.

2) IC: In Covid – 19:

Adapt and change in a way unknown. For many people it is a shock.

3) AC: After Covid – 19:

You think, hope and expect everything to be back to the way it used to be: transition period. We are now somewhere between IC and AC.

Three brain reactions

1) Reptile brein:

Survive: Anxiety paralysis or aggression

Fear of the unknown. The media simulates war (life and death). Much incorrect information and creates more unrest and confusion.

Additional social media unrest: conspiracy theories: 5G, vaccinations, Bio-weapon, Bill Gates, Illuminati, etc. Consequence: more fear: paranoia phase.

Search for solutions hope, leadership & tribe.

2) Frontal brein:

What does this mean to me? What can I do with this? Ask the questions that bring you into transformation.

Give your frontal brain space to vent your fears. Instead of being tough, write down the things that make you fear both private and professional. Example not being able to travel, family not being able to cuddle, lay off staff, no parties … You can get this out of your subconscious as much as possible.

The transformation starts when you acknowledge your gratitude. What’s going well? Not out of fear, but problem-solving.

3) Pineal gland: Awakening

Spiritual or quantum experience

Connection to the bigger than yourself. Quantum thinking and creation. Make the crisis a chance for transmutation. The new better version of yourself.

How is my future self different from me?

1) quiet

2) risks

3) transfer knowledge to people

What are the consequences?

For the illusion of protecting the Hi-Risk persons, we destroy the economy. Why? This is a moment in history when humanity’s rights are being taken away. Agenda behind the agenda.


  1. In 40 years, effective vaccinations against flu viruses have been failed to develop effective vaccinations. Why would that be now?
  2. It is the Hi-Risk group that dies of flu every year: 600,000 worldwide. Why would that be any different now? Why does it die the group that is vaccinated in large numbers?
  3. Vaccinations are not safe and have side effects. Vaccinations contain toxins, heavy metals and sterilitite inducing factors.
  4. Since 1986, the number of vaccine services has increased in children. Consequences: explosion of autism, ADHD, ADD, allergy, auto immunity and chronic respiratory infections.
  5. In polio, 75% of polio cases were due to vaccinations. How is it possible? That Big Pharma keeps claiming they’re safe. (The increase and turnover of vaccinations is 17% per year)
  6. Why are holistic medicines banned? Homeopathy is the most effective method in pan epidemics. This has been proven time and time again. Why doesn’t anyone hear about this?

What to expect in AC? (After Covid)

1) post traumatic stress

2) social fears

3) paranoia

4) realization that the world has changed

5) how we communicate has changed

6) handling has changed

What is the way out?

1) immunity

2) cooperation

3) knowledge

4) give health attention

5) search for the new way

6) adjustment


Avoid your biggest enemy:

1) go with the masses

2) lack of leadership

3) lack of adaptation, innovation and creation

4) fear

Have a great and safe day.

Greetings, Oiheba

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