NO doubt, YES to more CONFIDENCE

How do you create more confidence?

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First of all, I hope that everything is allright with you and loved ones. If it is the first time you enter my website, welcome. Be free to read my previous blogs.
In Belgium, the fourth week of quarantine starts and really time flies.
I haven’t been bored for a day because I fill in the corona times as a time of possibilities.

What makes me happy is that I realy see change

  1. People are helping each other.
  2. Family are together and go back to basics. They enjoy their home and play with board games, write letters to beloved ones, cook for the family and see how their children are growing.
  3. Enjoying me-times: walking, running, reading, cooking, …
  4. Entrepreneurs who are thinking and acting in possibilities to keep their business going. Online shopping or local shopping. Even chefs who are preparing a menu and deliver at home.
  5. Grateful for the little things that are bigger than ourselves. Like birdsong in the garden, the gift of weeks of sunshine. I already saw bees and butterflies. So, what are we complaining about?

No doubt, yes to more confidence

Last week I had a client where the doubt was so big that it kept him away from growing and changing.

‘If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten’ – Anthony Robbins

It is quite often the thing that stops you from doing the things you want to do. Often we are distracted by the things that happen around us or by the opinions of others.

If you allow this to distract you a lot, we will make sure that you create noise for yourself.
That’s where those doubts come from.

1) Focus on yourself for less doubt

Do you want to doubt yourself less and start working with more confidence to create your dream life. Then first listen to yourself, make decisions and then start working on what you want to do before you want to ask the opinion of others.

We often think that people, parents, friends have an opinion about what you are going to do, but often this is not the case.

When I was an adolescent, I set myself rules because I thought it should only be of that age. If I had entered into a dialogue with my parents, this would probably have been much sooner.
Important is:
verify whether this is possible
let go of what others think about yourself

2) The only opinion that matters is your own

In order to realize that, you must first work on your self-confidence.
It’s like a vicious cycle, compare it with the chicken and egg story.
When can you let go of what others think about you? When you are no longer insecure about yourself. When you become more confident in yourself. How do you become self-confident? When you often hear things from other people when something is good.
This way you get into a cycle that it becomes important to you what other people think about you. While if you can let go of what other people think of you, build confidence that much faster and really take steps to do things you want in your dream life.

To be more confident, I have stepped out of the limits of my comfort zone several times.

3) Get out of the comfort zone

In the beginning it touches you what others say about you but little by little you follow your own path what you want.

Through choices I have made in the past, I can inspire others to do the same.

4) Let go what other thinks

While if you can let go of what other people think of you, build confidence that much faster and really take steps to do things you want in your dream life.

5) Read to broaden your horizons

To stay with myself I read a lot of books.

Reading about things that I find interesting surrounds me with opinions of others who are close to myself.

6) Meditate with your own thoughts

In one of my previous blogs I go into this in more detail.
Being silent for a moment, being aware of myself, reviewing thoughts and then letting go.

7) Who writes who stays him or herself

In poems I can express my feelings, thoughts and grateful things. Writing heals and I get back on the wheels. 🙂


You create changes by doing it yourself. Time for action.

Feel free to share this blog if it inspired you.

Have a great day,

Greetings, Oiheba


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