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Hello there

On sunday 15/03/2020 I posted a message to the world. 

Today 31/03/2020 I start to blog. A week ago I started with online video coaching. Thinking and acting in opportunities, not in difficulties is the secret of success.

I am certain that nobody will forget the month of March 2020.

I see it realy positive. Like a battery you have a negative and positive pool. I compare it with one of the universal laws, the law of polarity.

In Corona-times it is realy important to take care of yourself.

As ‘time-out’ see it as a gratefull ‘me-time’ or ‘time-in’.

Many people have to change their usual habits. And that’s not an easy one.

Did you know that it takes 90 days before a new habitat becomes an old habit? So, we are all on our way to change and yes, realy I LOVE change 🙂

I give you 10 tips for all year round.

  1. Sleep 8 hours at night with the window open. Fresh air in breading is realy important.
  2. Put your smartphone on non-active during the night.
  3. If you wake up, start with meditation voor 20 minutes. Even when you are surrounded by the kids or partner. Find a quiet place, inside or outside the house.
  4. Drink 2 glasses of water before breakfast.
  5. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables during the day.
  6. Drink daily 1,5 liter green tea with gingembre and honey.
  7. Make on monday a plan for the week in dialogue with the children and husband or wife. Communication is the basic of succes. Structure helps you to clean the mind for all of you.
  8. Make appointments and find a certain work-life balance even when you are home.
  9. Make a daily walk for 30 minutes in nature.
  10. Do something you love: reading, cooking, playing, sleeping and yes laughing 🙂

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Enjoy your day,

Greetings Oiheba

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    1. Hello Daysi, thank you for your positive comments. Everything in life happens with a reason. Welcome and enoy my site and blogs. Thank you for sharing your book who helped you a lot. Sharing is caring 🙂 Greetings, Oiheba

  1. There’s one incredibly painful mistake that I see new entrepreneurs make. It’s painful because it keeps them from success. They feel like they’re working hard, but not making any progress. The mistake? Trying to do too many things at once.
    Focus, by definition, means narrowing your field of vision and attention. It means choosing which opportunities, projects, and even customers you’re NOT going to pursue. And it’s really, really hard. When I first started online, I was trying to do it all: podcasting, writing epic guides, blogging and I wasn’t doing any of it well. I realized that each time I jumped from idea to idea, I was diluting my efforts.”

    1. You are totally right.
      Making choices and focus on what you want is the best way to grow in entrepreneurship.
      In the beginning you search a lot but if you stay calm and stay focus and take time in growing your talents. You are going to achieve it.

      Healthy Greetings,
      Oiheba Bensaâd

    1. Hello,

      What a powerful message.
      It is realy time for transformation.
      Everything starts with yourself.
      Ik wil write articles on my blog after the transformation of my website.

      Be continued.

      Healthy greetings,
      Oiheba Bensaâd

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