Gratitude is a way of life

Hello reader,

Glad to be with you and hope a lot goes well.
Yes, despite the many judgements, condemnations and nagging and complaining from everyone’s perception, a lot is going well in this world.
Here I am, sitting blissfully in my garden, in a lounge chair and yes, as me-time. I am surrounded by a beautiful caterpillar, crawling, searching and exploring the world until… that beautiful butterfly emerges.
This, of course, takes time. Just like change takes time. In the end, a lot goes right because of our commitment and will to accept and change.
A few weeks ago, unexpectedly, a beautiful tame pigeon, grey with a shiny purple neck, came and sat on my windowsill. Looking at the kitchen counter, I went outside and gave them seasonal food ans some drink.
What a fine and grateful feeling this was, an unexpected visitor who now comes along daily.
Yesterday, I was working on a text in my lounge chair and the pigeon came and sat next to me, signalling, hey, where is my food? At least, that is my perception. Which message this pigeon brings me? The pigeon is a peace and harmony bringer. The pigeon asks you to connect with your higher self, feel peace within yourself and live in harmony with Mother Earth and the universe.
While the world goes on turning, I pay attention to this and express my gratitude for consciously noticing it as a force of nature.



Eight aspects of gratitude on 08/08/2022

1. General personal differences in gratitude

This aspect is about how often and with what intensity people tend to experience gratitude in different situations. It is therefore about gratitude as a personal quality, in which people may differ from one another.
You can therefore have this personal characteristic to a lesser or greater degree.

2. Appreciation of what you have

This aspect concerns the appreciation of material and immaterial things that are part of life. It may include ‘basic’ facilities such as clean water and electricity. When you have an eye for smaller and larger possessions‘ and positive aspects of your life, you experience gratitude more quickly.


3. Awe and wonder

Awe is about experiencing the beauty of nature, such as an impressive rainbow or a beautiful landscape. It is about the moments in which you experience life as miraculous and special. You recognise these moments when you say  “wow” within yourself or out loud.

4. The present life

This is about dwelling on and appreciating experiences in the here and now. Think of enjoying and being grateful for a delicious meal, or consciously enjoying a beautiful sunset or a good film. You can also be grateful for your own qualities and how you do things in your own life.

5. Appreciation for other people

This aspect includes gratitude for the significance of other people. This may be about specific behaviour of other people or more general, such as having good friends.



6. Expressing gratitude

This is about the extent to which gratitude is actually expressed. It is about showing that you are grateful or about actual behaviour by which you express your gratitude.


7. Gratitude arising from the awareness of impermanence

The realisation that life is short and everything in it passes can encourage us to appreciate the present. The awareness of impermanence makes us realise that what we have now is not self-evident.

8. Positive social comparisons

This involves the realisation that some situations could have turned out worse. Sometimes gratitude arises when we meet people or think of people worse off than ourselves.
You may be used to negative comparisons, looking at what others have more than you. If you turn this around, your feeling of gratitude will increase.

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