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Now we have more time I realy need to share one of my favorite zentools.

Meditation is LOVED

Because of its positive impact on life. Meditation dispels stress, increases your self-understanding, increases your happiness and meditation also makes you more robust in everyday life. With my tips you get to master meditation in 7 steps!

Meditation is HEALTHY

More and more evidence emerges that meditation has a very positive influence on our bodies. In a world where our bodies are increasingly undergone stress, meditation can help you regain balance. Thanks to meditation, you’ll find more peace in your mind. Moreover, a relaxed body can repair itself better than a stressed body.



The SEVEN steps below guide you through a simple meditation that you can perform lying down. You can perform this meditation as a beginner but also as an advanced one.

Create a good meditation environment

Meditation performs everyone in their own way. You can meditate with or without music, inside or out, with or without light and alone or with others. Create for yourself a relaxed meditation environment in which you can relax during meditation. For example, you can turn on an incense or light some candles to support your meditation.

Adopt your favorite meditation posture

Meditation can be performed in different postures. You can choose ‘sedentary meditation’, ‘lying meditation’ or even ‘ongoing meditation’. If you’re just starting meditation, it may be easier to meditate lying or sitting down. Many people experience pains and discomforts during meditation when they sit still in meditation posture for a long time. If that bothers you you can perform the meditation lying down with your legs flat on the ground and light apart. Put your arms next to you and hold your thumb and index fingers together.

The power of meditation: let tension flow away

Meditation helps you to let go of all the tension in your body. Your meditation starts with a deep inhalation through the nose. Make sure the air gets into your stomach, your chest doesn’t have to get up. Hold your breath for a moment and let the air slowly escape through your mouth.
Imagine that during meditation you let tension escape from your body with every exhalation. The air takes all the stress with it and leaves your body. You become more relaxed with every exhalation. Feel your body slowly sink into the ground and feel the air flowing through your body.

Meditation on breathing

As you slowly relax deeper and deeper during meditation, you will notice that all kinds of thoughts come along. You don’t have to push these thoughts away, but you don’t have to go into it in meditation. When you notice your thoughts straying during meditation, you focus your attention back on your breathing.
Feel the air flowing into your body, and notice how you relax deeper and deeper as you exhale. The core of meditation is not ‘don’t think of anything’, the core of meditation is deeply relaxed and letting things be as they are.

Deep meditation: turn your attention inwards

Once you feel that the meditation has really made you relax, you can let yourself slip into a more deep meditation. Move your attention inward. For example, you can do this by turning your eyes ‘inwards’. It’s easier to slip deeper. During meditation, your thoughts just come and go and you keep focusing on the sensation of your breathing.

Keep this meditation full for at least 20 minutes

During the meditation you go through different phases. The first 20 minutes of meditation are often a little restless. A lot of thoughts come along from everyday life that try to disrupt your meditation. At least keep going until you get through this phase.
After the troubled phase of meditation you will find a more peaceful phase in which the thoughts leave you alone. It may even be that you get emotional and you start crying. As soon as you get into the quiet area of meditation, you experience the deeper relaxation that meditation can bring you.

Slowly wake up from your meditation

If you feel it’s time to wake up from your meditation you can start moving slowly. First move your toes and your fingers gently. This allows you to slowly become alert again, and you can slowly lift your legs and sit up or get up from your meditation.
Take one more deep breath and stretch out. Feel how your body has relaxed.



Meditation, YES to this vibration


  • focus better
  • to de-stress
  • be more resilient
  • lower your blood pressure
  • calm your nervous system
  • experience less anxiety
  • increase connectivity
  • to live in the here and now
  • to be happier
Enjoy your day, Greetings Oiheba



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